Consultation – if you decide to have treatment the same day the consultation is free 100 PLN
Botulinom toxin 30 PLN jednostka(Botox, Bocuture, Azzalure)
Lion’s wrinkle od 460 PLN
Forehead wrinkles od 360 PLN
Crow’s lines od 360 PLN
Royal wrinkles 300 PLN
Hiperhydrosis of armpits od 1300 PLN
Hiperhydrosis of feet 1800 PLN
Hiperhydrosis of hands 1800 PLN
Bruxism treatment od 600 PLN
Face slimming od 600 PLN
Migraine treatment od 1200 PLN
Nasal tip lift 150 PLN

Hylaruonic acid (Teosyal, Stylage, Juvederm, Perfectha)


Fine lines filling od 1000 PLN
Lips filling 1200 PLN (1ml)
Face oval modelling (cheekbones, valley of tears, lip lines, etc.) od 1200 PLN (1ml)
Non-sergical nose correction od 1500 PLN
Soft lifting with hylaruonic acid Perfectha subscin 1100 PLN (1ml) | Perfectha subscin 3000 PLN (3ml)

Needle mesotherapy


Teosyal Redensity I, Stylage hydro 700 PLN (1ml)
Needle mesotherapy – skin revitalisation od 300 PLN
Therapy for falling hair od 300 PLN
Stretch marks treatment od 400 PLN
Skin discoloration treatment od 400 PLN