Lomi Lomi massage

Very relaxing massage for the entire body. Combination of hawaian techniques, smoothing movements of forearms to achieve deep relaxation.

60 min. 200 pln
90 min. 270 pln

Relaxing massage „Magia Day Spa”

Perfect way for deep relaxation by applying light pressure. Our brand massage is combination of classic techniques and with special relaxing and delicate movements.

60 min. 170 pln
90 min. 230 pln

Aromatherapy massage

One of the most popular massages in our spa. It's combination of deep and slow movement makes your muscles relaxed. Therapist is working on the main group of muscles and trigger points. You can choose your favourite oil for this massage. Includes head or face massage.

60 min. 200 pln
90 min. 270 pln

Hot stone massage

It is the application of water-heated stones to key points on the body, giving a deep massage and creating sensations of comfort and warmth. The penetrating heat from the hot stones “draw out” pain and discomfort and relaxes the muscles which allows for deeper relaxation, when compared with regular massage therapy.

60 min. 190 pln
90 min. 260 pln

Candle massage

New in Magic Day Spa. Beautiful skin, deep hydration, nourishment and relief for dry skin. For the massage, candles made of 100% natural ingredients are used. The massage with a candle will surely appeal to all those who love massage oils and this magical atmosphere offered by lighted candles.


60 min. 210 pln
90 min. 280 pln

Hot stamp massage

Feel insanely great! Thermal body stamp massage is a new way to utilise the benefits of heat and the power of touch, as it is stamped into your back, shoulder, back of your leg and feet to relax and sooth thigh muscles and relief inflammation and itching.

60 min. 180 pln
90 min. 250 pln

Classical massage (swedish)

Most popular massage with medium pressure. Balances muscle tone and improves circulation. Massage can be adjusted to your needs.

60 min. 190 pln
90 min. 240 pln

Sports massage

Recommended for active people. Improve regeneration of the muscle after physical training and preapring muscle before intensive training. Energetic massage warming and releasing tissues. Decrease risk of contusion.

60 min.  230 pln
90 min.   300  pln

Anti-cellulite slimming massage

Combination of different techniques improves circulation and helps eliminates toxins from the body. Strong and fast movements helps combat with excess of fat tissue or cellulite and tighten the skin in target areas.

30 min. 100 pln
60 min. 180 pln

Chinese cupping massage (abdomen + legs)

Highly increase circulation and metabolism of tissues, detoxyfing and draining massage. Very effective as a anti-cellulite therapy.

30 min. 90 pln

Mud massage

Rich in vitamins and minerals mud is very beneficial for our system. Antinflammatory and regenerating properties of mud helps you relax the muscles and decrease the pain.

60 min. 180 pln
90 min. 240 pln

Feet massage

Variety of special techniques releases tiredness of your feet.

30 min. 100 pln

Back massage

Combination of medical and relaxation massage to bring the best result for tight and tired muscles. Recommended for every person working long hours in the office.

30 min. 110 pln

Anti-aging face massage

Improves elasticity of the skin and muscles of the face. Slows aging process of the skin, brings back healthy and young look of the skin.

30 min. 100 pln

Face/head/neck massage

Immediate de-stress and relaxation. You can choose which area you want to concentrate the most.

30 min. 100 pln

Partial body scrub with massage

60 pln

Full body scrub with massage

100 pln